Ways to Give

Your gift to the Fusion Academy Scholarship Foundation provides an opportunity for students who could truly flourish at Fusion. It is an investment in changing lives – one life at a time – providing students and families access to a transformative educational experience they could not otherwise afford. Donations are tax-deductible, as permitted by law.

Wherever it is needed the most

When you support the foundation’s national scholarship fund, you create opportunities for deserving students who might not be able to afford to attend Fusion Academy at any one of our 50+ campuses nationally. By supporting this scholarship fund, you maximize the foundation’s ability to help students all over the country. This scholarship gives the foundation the flexibility to use your donation in the way that’s most needed throughout the year.

Give Local

You can also choose to support a scholarship fund at the campus of your choice. Each school has a scholarship that is designed to help strengthen their student experience. These scholarships will bridge the financial gap for students who really need Fusion but don’t have enough income to attend the school in your area. Local scholarships are a benefit for campuses who have extremely generous families that want to help out their child’s classmates thrive.