Apply for a Scholarship

The 2024-2025 Scholarship Application deadline has been extended to February 29.

The Application Process

Applications must be completed by 11:59pm CST on February 29, 2024 by the parent/legal guardian of the student. Students under 18 years old must have the supervision of a parent/legal guardian when responding to the student questions. All applicants must have completed an intake interview with their preferred campus to be eligible for a scholarship. Award notifications will be sent to applicants via email at the end of March 2024.

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Scholarship Criteria


  • New and current full-time students entering grades 6-12 at Fusion Academy, Fusion Global Academy, and Barnstable Academy
  • Head of School intake interview is required for new students
  • Head of School assessment through the application is required for both new and current students
  • Applicant’s family must have a total household income less than $125,000 and be able to self-fund 5% of total tuition costs as well as associated fees
  • Family members of any Fusion Academy, Fusion Global Academy, Barnstable Academy, Fusion Education Group, Fusion Scholarship Foundation employees, or Fusion Scholarship Foundation Board members are not eligible to apply

Award Information

  • Funding is not guaranteed for all eligible applicants
  • Award amounts will range up to $40,000 based on financial needs and funds available
  • Maximum lifetime award per student: $200,000
  • Scholarships are not automatically renewed
  • All students seeking a scholarship must reapply each year
  • If district funding is received, it will be deducted from the scholarship award
  • Scholarship recipients must maintain a minimum of a 2.5 GPA and 90% attendance rate
Questions regarding the application can be directed to the Greater Houston Community Scholarships Team at or 713.333.2230.

General questions about the Fusion Scholarship Foundation can be directed to Jan Fielder, Interim Executive Director, at