As president of the Fusion Academy Scholarship Foundation and a proud parent of a Fusion graduate, I’m thrilled to be working to make it possible for other students to experience the life-changing education at Fusion.

We found Fusion right after my son Nick began his sixth year of high school. We had nearly given up hope that he would graduate. Labeled as gifted and fragile, we struggled to find the appropriate learning environment for Nick, who had significant executive functioning challenges, and he was frequently identified as lazy, unmotivated, and having a behavior problem.

Fusion was the first time that teachers saw beyond Nick’s behavior, to see what he needed and how he needed to learn. Nick’s teachers were compassionate and provided a warm and supportive learning environment. For the first time, Nick felt understood and supported, and this gave him the confidence to imagine a future for himself that included attending college—which he did. Nick graduated from the University of San Francisco last year and is working full-time in a career that he loves.

I couldn’t be happier about the impact Fusion made on my son and family, but the reality is that it’s not an option for all families. For many students, money is just too much of a barrier to attend Fusion Academy. And that’s why you’re reading this letter today.

The Fusion Academy Scholarship Foundation helps kids attend Fusion who otherwise couldn’t, which makes your gift an investment in changing lives. With your support, we can ensure more kids like Nick get to attend Fusion Academy and benefit from its transformative education.

If you or your child have been positively impacted by Fusion, I invite you to read the following pages and consider supporting the Fusion Academy Scholarship Foundation. Together, we can change lives.

With Gratitude,

Jan Fielder

President, Fusion Academy Scholarship Foundation